HKIFF Cine Fan Programme(Apr - May)

Financially supported by the Hong Kong Film Development Fund and organised by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS), a two-year pilot repertory film programme “HKIFF Cine Fan Programme” was launched in April 2013, with the aim to enrich and deepen the experience of Hong Kong moviegoers, the programme features a variety of curated contemporary, retrospective and thematic showcases, presenting national cinemas, tributes to masters, digitally restored classics, and genre films while supporting Hong Kong films and film culture. Local and overseas filmmakers and critics are invited regularly to introduce films, attend meet-the-audience sessions, conduct seminars, and join panel discussions to facilitate cultural exchange across borders.

In conjunction with the programme, the HKIFFS has introduced Cine Fan, a special privilege scheme for cineastes to enjoy ticket discounts both for the programme, and also the annual Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), the Summer International Film Festival (Summer IFF), and other associated programmes of the Society.

HKIFF Cine Fan Programme(Apr - May) brings you a series films from Jane Campion, The Grand is showing The Piano at May 20.

The first and still the only female filmmaker to have ever won a Cannes Palme d’Or, Jane Campion was launched as the long-awaited coming of feminist cinema to redeem the patriarchal film world.

Her cinema has since changed the reception of female-driven narratives, and her revered status opened up more venues for her “comrades”.

Jane Campion is unafraid to live with her freckles in filmmaking. Freckles, are what her works feel like under your skin. That uncompromising visual grit stays in all her works throughout her career – or rather, her passage from girlhood to womanhood to sisterhood. Sweetie (1989) and An Angel at My Table (1990) invented the woman’s cinematic language: the defiant narratives, resplendent cinematography, and brutally tender punctuations.

The Piano (1993), in full glorious blaze, flamed much hope, and soon after she became anything but a sweetie among critics and audiences worldwide. The world had since found other trophies, much less of an enigma, far tamer and safer than women liberated from their silenced universes. Campion and her protagonists had found each other, and were whirling their own tribal dance. The Portrait of a Lady (1996) marked the first occasion when they truly stopped caring what others might think, even Henry James, and basked in obscurity. Holy Smoke (1999) inhaled deeper into the sacred feminine and surrendered to the often unintelligible web of narratives that is life.

Bright Star (2009) shone brighter among Jane Campion’s gem of works, perhaps her sweetest too. For audiences looking for a well-ordered, bookended narrative, perhaps this is a treat of the angelic order. The two seasons of Top of the Lake (2013, 2017) embraced the TV series as a new creative genre, took their time to bloom, and did so magnificently as if in a slow motion sequence, each petal unfolding in all its vulnerability.

At a time when authentic female voice is more valued than ever, but the thirst for such is yet to be satisfyingly quenched, it is all the more important to look at how Jane Campion continues to confront hard truths rather than churning out sweet candies.

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Screening Schedule
20:00 - The Piano

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The Piano - HKIFF Cine Fan
A mute Scotswoman travels to New Zealand with her daughter for an arranged marriage, the piano becomes her only means of expression.

That intimate pleasure is quickly sabotaged as her unresponsive husband abandons it, only to be taken by a macho local worker. Determined to reclaim her piano, she engages in an ambiguous game of flirtation and exploration.

The first and only film by a female director to win the Palme d’Or, The Piano features an all-female creative lineup and a defiantly feminist approach, and it remains a breathtaking climax in filmmaking when female subjectivity takes center stage.
Jane Campion
Holly Hunter
Harvey Keitel