Please come to The Grand in person to register. Member can get the membership card to enjoy all THE CIRCLE’s privileges right away. For online registration, you need to come to The Grand Cinema in person for collecting the membership card and welcome package after the successful application is done.

Membership Counter Business Hour
11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

*The membership is valid for 1 year starting from the day of registration. Membership renewal has to be done before expiry date.

for the CIRCLE’s Summer Offers
*Annual Membership Fee $220 $380
*Renewal Fee $180 $330
Tickets (2D)
10% off
Up to 20% off
Tickets (3D) Up to 10% off Up to 10% off
All Concession Items & Combo Meals 10% off 10% off
Starsuite Ticket × Up to 15% off
Birthday Gift
Bonus Points Entitlement
Priority Access to Concession Counter ×
Premieres & Events ×
Special Discounts on Merchandising Items
50 Points Hotdog Combo Coupon Or Popcorn Combo Coupon
100 Points Gift Voucher (For 2D movies only)

Bonus points will be accumulated upon every transaction: earn 5 bonus points for each ticket purchase and 1 bonus point for each purchase at or above $10 on concession items. Members can redeem various items ranging from hotdog or popcorn combo coupon, complimentary ticket or gift voucher.