Terms and Conditions
1. There are total EIGHT exchange coupons inside the Movie Pass package. Four for Adult. Four for Child/Student/Senior. Exchange Coupons are valid only for the redemption of movie tickets under KIFF Program 2018.
2. KIFF Movie Pass and Exchange Coupons are only valid for KIFF Screenings during the period from July 28 to August 5, 2018 (or any additional KIFF 2018 screenings subject to the special arrangement of KIFF) All exchange coupons shall be expired after this period.
3. Exchange coupons are only applicable for the films shown under KIFF Program 2018.
4. Movie tickets must be redeemed at The Grand Cinema ticketing office before admission.
5. One exchange coupon is valid for the redemption of one movie ticket under KIFF Program 2018.
6. No limit on the number of exchange coupons to be used per each screening. However, once the exchange coupons are used up, KIFF Movie Pass alone cannot be used for admission.
7. Please kindly note that seats are limited and are available for redemption on a first-come-first-served basis. KIFF will not be responsible for any failed attempt to redeem ticket or for any late redemption of ticket. Hence, successful redemption of ticket and/or admission will not be guaranteed especially if the house is full and/or approaching full.
8. KIFF movie Pass holders and accompanying guests are entitled to priority entry into the cinema.
9. One ticket per each admission. One ticket per person is required regardless of any age.
10. Except for the two screenings of the opening film on July 28, all KIFF screenings are free-seating.